Creating content for SEO means a blog a day

The buzzword of the year is “Content Marketing”. If you haven’t heard it yet then your business is doing so well you don’t need to keep up with the latest marketing trends, or you live in a cave.

If your business is doing so well that you don’t need to keep up with the ever-changing world of marketing, I ask you, “How are you doing it?”.  Businesses today not only have to worry about their customers, suppliers, and employees, but every day a new marketing trend comes out.

There are many days I would love to live in a cave, and go off grid. But I defy the norm, I am blessed enough to love the thrill of research. As trends change, I consider it relaxing to learn all I can, test it thoroughly and then pass on to you everything I learned.

When we evaluate the concept of Content Marketing. Content today is more than just information on a website with a few images, it is daily content that includes well researched words, images, and videos displayed in multiple formats, and on multiple platforms. This not only is time consuming by takes a level of expertise in word-smoothing, graphic design, video creation and editing. Don’t be discouraged, this process is not as hard as it sounds. If we walk through it step-by-step and use the multiple resources available, we can become a content marketing pro.

A blog a day

The term “A blog a day” has been around for years, ever since Google started investing in content for SEO. The term is still valid, even though the world of SEO is constantly changing. You don’t have to be a great blogger to create a blog a day. Create powerful content that has more quality, than quantity.

Text as information

When you start writing your blogs, begin your month with an editorial calendar that has been well researched. Create a template that you can follow each day, that contains all the relevant components to create a successful blog:

Related Information

Written by: Christy Smith Dark Twin Marketing

Christy is the SEO and Blog expert at Dark Twin Marketing.

Answer a question

You are the expert in your field. Spread some of that information to your customers and prospective customers. Short, daily post that answer a valuable question will bring new consumers to your blog or publication.

Ask yourself “Would I ask Google this question?”, if the answer is yes, then chances are someone else is asking the same question. You are the expert in your field, so this is your chance to answer.

Inside of this question, lies your keyword. Every Google search contains a keyword that informs the search engines what you are looking for. This keyword is also how Google knows to send them to you. If you have access to your Google keyword planner, you can get a more specific idea of how many readers are looking at your keywords monthly. This could be the difference between 100 new readers and 1 million.

Writing Tips

When writing your blog, create content that is easy to read by separating it with paragraphs and bullet points. Blogs that run on without a break take more effort for your readers, giving them a reason to leave your publication.

Keep it simple! I have a client that loves to write in spread sheet. I am constantly changing his text to make sense for the end reader. The best rule you can follow here is remember, you are the expert. Write on a level that the normal human being can understand.


When writing content, you need to inject your personality. There are millions of blogs and online publications on the web. Give your readers a reason to come to you. The want to hear your personality while you inform and educate.

Visual Support

Every daily blog needs to have visual support. As a society, we have become more indifferent to the written word. We want to be visually stimulated before we will take the time to read. We want to know that the answer to our questions and concerns will be answered. If they can find the answer by watching a video, or a small series of images, their minds will take that path first.

Finding images is easy in this world of stock photo’s. One of my favorite places to get my images is You can buy images for as little as $1 a piece, and since most of the images you will need can be smaller, there is no need to pay high amounts of money for one image a day.



Video has become an easy solution to all marketing today. It used to be that you had to pay a video designer to create a production at high prices. Once you get your movie, you use it a few times in your social media and possibly on your website. The lifecycle of that video is short lived. Keep them short and simple and you can produce a never-ending supply.

Now social media lets you film yourself from your phone, post it automatically to your profile, quick and easy. I don’t suggest you use this as your go to video format, but I do think it is a great way to have a blog (aka Vlog).  You will still need some professionally create videos, but they don’t have to be huge or complicated. Simple slide shows, or video teasers will work just fine.  There is plenty of free software online for this.

Social Media

Know your social media. Your customers are unique to your business. Know the best forms of social media to post your information.

Create links to your website, instead of posting the whole blog on social media. Your ultimate purpose is to sell products and services, unless you sell them from your social media you will need to find a way to get them to your website.

Although this is far from all the information that you need to know about content marketing, it should be enough to get you started. When you are ready to move to the next level, contact the experts at Dark Twin Marketing. One of our twins will be happy to take you to the next level in your marketing strategy.

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