Is Wordpress the Blog for you?

If you already have a blog, you are either using the Wordpress format, or you have heard of it. If you are currently using it, a few of this week’s blogs might be useful to you. If you are using another platform or just looking to get your blog started, check out some of these tips and tricks.

My purpose is not to sell you on Wordpress as your platform, as there are multiple choices out there. You might want to look at Joomla, or Drupal, but if your new website is intended only for blogging I would suggest Wordpress. It has some functions that you won’t get with the other two, but the other two can say the same. Weigh your options before you make a choice.

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Find the best blog host
One of the most frequent questions I am ask from new bloggers is “How do I choose the best web site host?” Although this may sound simple, the task can be daunting. Unless you have ever tried to start a blog where you not only promote your business, which you can always just add to your current website, but one that can give you the power and functionality to make money on your blog while keeping cost down.

Before we look at choosing a host, let’s take a quick look at income and expenses of a business blog.

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The science of blogging for your business
Who sat in high school biology class and just loved every second of the class? Do you remember polar covalent bonds? If it’s been awhile let’s take a small refresher. It is when the positive ions are attracted to the negative ions to create a third bond. Think H20 making water. When brought together you have an incredibly strong bond.

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