Track and Validate your lead generations

If you’re throwing a party or hosting another kind of event, you need to know exactly how many people will be attending. If you overestimate how many people are coming, you could spend too much on food and other libations that will just go to waste. If you underestimate, you might not have enough food and drinks for everyone, and some guests may go home unhappy. That’s why invitations almost always ask for an RSVP, and that’s why Internet marketers need to implement lead validation into their campaigns.

Building a lead generation campaign is a lot like planning a party. The difference is that instead of you sending the invitations to your guest list, your customers send you the invitations in the form of conversions on your lead generation website. The problem is, if you’re expecting a big crowd of customers based on the raw conversion numbers, you might be disappointed.

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How to quickly set up habits to improve business and bottom line

Have you struggled to change a habit? We often think of the habits working against us, but what if you could create habits that work for us?

Habits are wired into our brain and can seem difficult to change. When we learn something new, the brain links up neurons into a chain. Each time we repeat the new learning or the action, that pathway is reinforced. If we repeat it enough – the brain turns it into automatic.

Often people think habits are hard to change. However, with what we know now about the brain and how it works, ‘30 days to make a new habit’ is simply outdated. We can set up a new habit quickly and easily, just by thinking about it.

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Profit for your purpose with a business plan
I live in the Salt Lake City area of Utah that is surrounded by beautiful mountains that are within 15 minutes of my home. It provides a great place to find inspiration and take a nice break away from the distractions of my home office.

This past week I packed my lunch, a chair, a journal, my profit plan from January, a blank profit plan and I headed up to the mountains. I spent the afternoon in this inspiring environment revisiting the first half of the year, thinking about what I want to create the rest of the year. I then tweaked and rewrote my profit plan, laid out some new goals and feel absolutely energized about the rest of the year.

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Better business starts with knowing your employees

It always surprises me when I hear that business owners have hired or are considering hiring an employee that they haven’t thoroughly researched.  Regardless of the size of your company, it’s important to know who you are bringing into the fold, to protect your rights and interests, minimize risk, and pick the best possible candidate for the position you are seeking to fill. 

When I hire employees I’m aiming for long-term relationships that benefit both the employee and my company.  The more time I put into finding the right person, the higher the likelihood is that I will meet that goal. 

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Great Leaders create success. What is your leadership style

Do you second guess your employees making them feel like they don’t know why you spent so much money in training them? Or are you the leader that shows support, respect and gratitude for everything your employees do. It turns out, the type of manager that you are as a small business owner may dictate your success or failure as a business. You can either be a great leader and watch your business grow and thrive, or you can set up your house of cards and watch it fall.


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Employee and Client Relationships are important to your business

“When they think of the word “courtship” most people think of love, personal relationships, and marriage. However, the concept of courtship is critically important for businesses of all sizes. You already know how important it is to attract and retain both key personnel and customers, and, if you are wise, you spend a good deal of time and money to do so through marketing, profiling, recruiting, etc. These are the same activities that are so important in building and maintaining personal relationships and are all part of the process we call courtship. To be successful, courtship must be both constant and consistent. Courtship consists of four parts, each of which must be repeated throughout your relationship:

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Create a clear vision of your business
Whenever you hear someone discussing a successful entrepreneur or a great CEO, one of the first things mentioned is her vision. To many people the word vision conjures up thoughts of company values and ideals, such as 'making the world a better place.'

In reality, a CEO’s vision consists of a series of clear measurable goals which she has good reason to believe she and the company can achieve within a specific time period. One of the ways she will measure her progress (and will be evaluated by others) is her success in hitting a series of milestones (intermediate-term goals) on the way to achieving that vision. This article deals with the fourth of six key components of business success, “You must have a clear, measurable vision of what you want to accomplish with your business.”

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Your Business and Your Clients deserve appreciation
The month of February is a great time to touch base with clients, co-workers, affiliates, and others who have contributed to your success, to let them know you appreciate them. After all, where would you be without the people who have contributed to your success? Your clients, in turn, will be thinking about the gifts they will give to the people they love.

Following is a letter you can send to your clients, along with a link to download an 8-page Legacy Letters for Valentine’s Day booklet. If you like, you can replace the personal message at the bottom of your letter with your own. Your clients will appreciate the gift and the fact that you remembered them on this special day.

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The best friend of your business

Clarity is achieved when we know where we are and where we want to go. Establish your core values.

Focus is the ability to keep the main things the main things!

Execution is our effective ability to get to our desired destination. Execution is about getting the right things done…on purpose! Execution powerfully transitions clarity and focus into action so that the expected results become reality.

No matter who you are, you are the byproduct of who you associate with, the books you read, and what you choose to listen to. This last sentence has actually been said many different ways – for example, the late Jim Rohn said that “we’re the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” Might I suggest that at least three of your future best friends should be; Clarity, Focus, & Execution!

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Business Teamwork is as important as sports teamwork

The Mavericks are one of only three teams in the history of the NBA to have 11 consecutive 50 win seasons.  So we know from their record that they’ve been practicing synergy like few teams ever have! Synergy is defined by Dr. Stephen R. Covey as, “one plus one equaling three or more.”  The selfless play of the Mavericks certainly brought Dr. Covey’s definition to life.  It’s an interesting tidbit to realize that only Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry remained from the team that lost to the Heat in the 2006 championship! Since 2006, these guys have played like a team.  They never stopped believing in themselves and their ability to make it happen, often coming from behind in the 4th quarter. Let's compare the Mavericks to the Heat at that time.  Dirk Nowitzki was the only real superstar on the Maverick roster.

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Whatever You Call It
It is the ultimate key to success. With it – your success is only a matter of time. Without it – your success is only a feeble fantasy!

Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States said it best when he said, “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan `Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race."

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Each January 1st, many of us keep the healthy tradition of setting New Year’s Resolutions, yet only a small fraction of us follow through with them for the entire year. Why is it that so few of us are able to stick to our goals in the long run?


The habit of setting and sticking to goals is a practice common to virtually all successful people, no matter the setting - or aspect of life – to which the goal pertains (business, health, home & family, etc.). Rather than a ‘how-to’ on goal-setting, in this article I’ll share a powerful principle that has profoundly impacted my life. This will, when understood and applied, move you towards your goals faster and more simply than you ever thought possible. Also, it will help you to last longer on your New Year’s Resolutions than most of us did last year.

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If you have any employees, or are in a position of management/leadership in your company and have people reporting to you – then you have personally experienced the rapidly changing “whitewater world” in which we live.  There is a high probability that downsizing, and being under increased pressure to accomplish more with less, is the norm.  We’re constantly faced with less time, fewer human and physical resources, budget constraints, inadequate training, support from management and other departments, and even less encouragement and advice.

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Changing your Business Team with progress

In simplistic terms, the left side the spectrum states: If one is happy with what he/she has accomplished, if they’re happy with where they’re going, if they’re content with everything about their situation, their work life & family life – then they certainly don’t have to change!

The right side of the spectrum states: If one would like to accomplish more, or something different, if they’d like to continually make progress, if they’re anxious to explore new horizons, if they’d prefer improvement in all areas of their life - then they have to be willing to change.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” So clearly if you are among those who prefer the right side of the spectrum then it would be insane for you to continue the do the same things, in the same ways, over and over again, if you are somehow expecting improvement, different results, and a better outcome.

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