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Consider how you can use legacy writing to help yourself – personally and in your business.


Consider how you can use legacy writing to help yourself – personally and in your business.
As a business owner/entrepreneur you undoubtedly have life, health, and key-man insurance. Why? So the business continues in the event of something unforeseen.
What type of insurance do you have for the legacy you leave behind? There are two types of legacy I’m speaking about here:
1. The personal legacy presented in the video
2. The business legacy of goodwill and continuity that you and your employees give to your customers


The legacy you leave for your family is really the memories and lessons you leave behind. It’s the impact that you’ve made on their lives, especially in the form of thoughts, lessons, and attitudes. You’ve been impacting the thought processes of others for as long as you’ve been alive. This became especially true as you grew older and became an influencer in the form of spouse and parent.
The legacy of your business includes your every current business behavior as well as your reputation. Both you and your employees are part of this. It’s essential to your community standing and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
In my interview with Lynda Fisher about using her book and website to identify and communicate a personal legacy for family, I also gathered some good ideas for business marketing.
Here’s an audio of the interview. It’s 28 minutes long and covers a number of concepts, including:
• How and why the book was created. (You’ll probably relate to her experience in your own family…I know I did.)
• Ideas for creating legacy love letters in case you’re unexpectedly out of the picture. (These letters will be cherished for years to come.)
• How to promote your business by sponsoring Legacy Leader Circles.
• Effectively teaching employees and the public what you stand for.
• …and much more…
Take notes as you listen, for these and other ideas can surely be applied in your life toward many efforts, including marketing and business development.

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