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So I finally reached that point in my life where I have jumped off the 50 cliff in grand style.  Over the past 27 years I have yearned to learn. My choices in knowledge pursuit just happened to be in the fast-paced ever-changing world of digital technology, and all of the schooling offered was always years behind the actual technology… I sought the knowledge that I yearned for, from university, out of books, web sites, YouTube videos, and professional blogs. I have spent years and years perfecting my skill.

Although I am discussing my own need to feed the gray matter, I am sure that there are many of you out there that have spent your lives learning and growing in the field of your own choice. If there was a question in your field, I bet you could answer it. You might even consider yourself an expert in your field.

So let’s ask ourselves a two-part question… What do I do with this knowledge, and how do I make money with it?

One method – the blog! When we think of using a blog, there is this preconceived notion of housewives sitting behind a computer while their kids run around behind them. The kids are doing things that only a mother would understand, but to the rest of the world their behavior is funny. Mom sits there and watches her kids’ every move, and then posts it on

Blogs are now a staple of most business websites. With the new Google rules, the only way to keep up with SEO is to create a blog…but soon the blogger finds out that to be effective it is time consuming and slow, so most company blogs sit there and grow old and lonely.

With all of this in mind, how are we expected to make money at this? (And, I would hope, have some fun at the same time.) Instead of just thinking about creating a blog, think ‘magazine’. If you were going to create a magazine, what would you have inside and how would you lay it out? What categories would your magazine have? What kinds of products, affiliates, etc. do you have to use as advertisers? Now that we have changed your preconceived notion, if you are thinking that setting up a magazine would take way too much capital to get started, just remember - there won’t be a printed version so there are no printing costs!  We will cover income and expenses in just a minute. For right now, let’s focus on setting up your digital magazine.

Can I really make money?

The answer is yes, but it helps to think and operate on multiple levels. You can’t just have a blog, throw some Google ads up, and then write something every day and think that you just made your millions. In fact, if this was your plan all along, you should stop now and walk away before you waste money in start-up cost, monthly fees, and time. To be successful we need to answer some basic questions:

1.       Do I have enough information and content to write a daily blog, weekly blog, or even a monthly blog?

2.       Do I have information and content that someone wants to hear?

3.       Do I have a product to sell or a service to offer?

If you can say yes to these questions, then you have a great start toward making money with your content.

Where do we start?

Every adventure starts with the first step. The first step is usually the hardest to take.

Let’s make this easy to get started – you need just a few things, and once set up, you’re on your way!

Content Subject – Before we do anything to get started we need to know our content topic, our niche. We need to have a keyword list. This keyword list will determine everything we do going forward. Keywords are the core for everything you do on the world wide web. Without them, we can’t do successful Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website set up, and so much more. This subject is too advanced for this article, but you can read more information about how we use keywords with SEO.

If finding your keywords scares you, you can get 10 free keywords here.

1.       Picking a Domain Name. This may seem simple to do, but stop and think about it for a minute. If you have one of your main keywords in your domain name, you increase your chances of being found at the top of the search engines' response list.

Take your time on this. Here is a great article about choosing a successful domain name. I suggest you follow these steps as you look for the best name for you.
HostGator Web Hosting

2.       Successful Webhost. This is a sore subject to many because so many hosts offer Wordpress webhosting for free, including But you will get what you pay for. If you go for FREE, you will get nothing useful. When you start trying to add functionality you end up paying double what you would have paid had you chosen a different route. I suggest Hostgator as a great host, or you can do one-click install for Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal. The greatest thing about CMS (content management systems) is that setting them up is simple, and the power of having a great website, blog, or digital magazine is as easy as 123 - right out of the box. Once you have your site set up, you may want to change the look of your website so you don’t look exactly like everyone else. Don’t fret, there are tons of free templates available with easy installation.

If your intention is to behave exactly like a blog, we suggest Wordpress, but if you want to lean more toward the functionality of a digital magazine, we suggest Joomla. They are both powerful in different ways.

3.       Start Writing.  Once your CMS or blog is set up and you are ready to start writing, remember that the rules to writing are simple.

a.       Don’t write for yourself, write for the reader.

b.      Give them information they can use. Offer to help if they need it, and write simply, “for dummies.”  

c.       Be clear, don’t talk over your readers’ heads. If they don’t understand, they won’t come back for more.

d.      Add videos as often as you can. It is proven that we as a society would rather watch a quick video than read an article. YouTube and Vimeo make it so easy to embed these in your news stories. Let them do the work, while you get the benefits.

e.       Include keywords in your text. This is where your SEO comes in, especially if you can include some links to external sources.

f.        More writing tips can be found at Business Marketing Mag.

4.       Making Money. We saved the best part for last. How are we going to make money at this? 

a.       Google Ads. If you have a blog/digital magazine that is not intended to bring traffic to your business website, the best place to start is with Google Ads. But don’t expect this to make you millions overnight. In order to make money with your Google Ads, your website traffic needs to be high, and your content needs to be successfully SEO’d.

b.      Personal Products. If you are using your blog to promote your business, putting your own products on the blog are your best choice. Not only do your readers get to read useful information, the have easy access to your products to help them along the way.

c.       Affiliate Ads/Network Ads. If your product is a complementing product to one or more services or products from outside sources, selling ad space is a great way to make money. You have the power to set value and price, and you have the power to choose what types of ads show up on your site (use Google Ads and competing ads). Your network of complementing businesses may just thank you for helping them get their word out.

Now you are ready to make some money, promote a business, or just have tons of fun. Don’t forget that your new blog/digital magazine will need to have some great SEO and marketing. If you need some professional help, check me out at I’m the light twin.

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