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Whats new with Google SEO Penguin 4.0

Google’s penguin has just made a change for the better. During the week of September 23, 2016 you may have noticed some changes in your website rankings. The month of September has seen some of the biggest changes in SEO. Although these changes cover more areas than we have room for in one article, we are going to discuss the one algorithm that has been watched very carefully for years. The last update to the penguin algorithm was two years ago.

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Master your SEO with the keywords of marketing

Sometimes I feel like a broken record. Keywords for SEO, keywords for social media, keywords make the world go round. I’ve talked about the importance of the best keywords in your domain name. In my latest book, I talk about the ten steps that you can do for your own SEO. But each one of those steps is based on the best keywords. Small bit of trivia, the word keyword only gets 22,200 queries a month in google.

So now it is time to talk about keywords in detail, and focus on some tools that every website owner needs to have, because if you know what keywords you are being indexed for, in the search engines, and you know which keywords you want to be indexed for, then you know where to focus your SEO efforts.

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Be your own SEO expert with DIY tips

All you have to do is open your email - notice how often you are spammed by heaps of companies that want to scare you into thinking ‘your website is doomed’; or saying that ‘you will never see the top of Google without their expert help’.
If you sort through the threats and promises of gold, you can actually see that SEO isn’t really that scary. And even though you probably can’t master all of the SEO tricks on your own, if you understand some basic terms and rules, SEO is not the scary beast the spammers want you to think it is.
Here is your 2016 SEO Guide in 10 easy steps:

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SEO and your URL, how Google sees your domain name

Are you getting ready to launch your brand new website or blog? Before you do, remember that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) unavoidably begins with your first site/post and only grows more important from there. This is not going to be a big SEO story, but it is meant to help you understand how you start your own SEO before you ever start your website or blog.

One of the most important, easiest, and overlooked SEO rules is the domain name (URL) that you choose for your business. As you may already know, some of the best Search Engine Optimization points comes from the length of time your domain name has been on the internet. Longevity is so simple - just pick the right domain name the first time and stick with it.

Are the words you choose for your domain name meaningful? What does your URL have to do with your SEO? How do you find the best domain name?

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SEO & Client Management

Client management can always be a challenge. However, it gets increasingly difficult when most clients have never even heard of SEO. In attempt to explain such a complicated subject, while also trying to sell the product to your client, you often create a gateway for misunderstandings.


Some of the most common misunderstandings can be avoided with a proper explanation of what SEO is, and what it does. The temptation is to make SEO look like a miracle solution to all of the client’s online problems. “It will increase your site’s traffic, which will increase your sales!” “SEO will get you on the first page of Google searches. People will be sure to find you when they search for your products.” While these claims are mostly true, it is important that the clients know exactly what they can and cannot expect from this magical SEO.

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The age of Google bring the world of SEO to the mobile world

Google has been an influential company over the last 20 years, especially in regards to how we find content on the Internet. The battle for placement on this single search engine has created a $23 billion industry in just over 15 years. So it’s no wonder that people stop to listen when Google speaks.


Over the years Google has continually worked to perfect its craft of offering the most relevant search engine in the world. In its efforts, Google has created complex algorithms to decipher whose website should be listed most prominently. Up to now, most adjustments were vague and search engine marketing professionals had to read between the lines of Google’s press releases in order to stay up with newest search engine optimization demands. That is, until now.

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