Branding with Color

Build a better business with a great color brand

Getting to know your business doesn’t just include what you do, who your customers are, and even what your products are. When starting your business, you need to consider your BRAND. But what is your brand? Brand defined in marketing is how people remember you, relate to you, and perceive you.

If you sit back and think about it when you start your business, the immense nature of doing this "branding" can be mind boggling. One of the goals of the team at Business Marketing Magazine is breaking this task into bite-size pieces to help you one step at a time.

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Branding a business is like wearing the same outfit every day for years on end. It’s the visual association with your product or service. That’s quite a commitment to make for your business so it needs to be just right. Our last issue covered the power of two color personalities, orange and green. In this issue we will be discussing the merits of the color blue. Blue is an incredibly versatile color because of the range of emotions it can convey.

Color is understood in either a natural or cultural view. Green, for example, is naturally associated with plants. Green is also culturally associated with energy efficiency. Red is culturally associated with danger in the United States while in China, it’s a celebratory color. White in a Japanese culture is a funeral color, while in several European countries along with the United States, it’s a wedding color.

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When branding a business, you first need to know what your target demographic is. Imagine the awkwardness of branding a wedding boutique with white in Japan. Blue is a wonderful color to cross countries with because it is easy to focus on the natural view. From the sky to the ocean and everywhere in between, blue is a color everyone is familiar with. It’s this familiarity that has made blue the ideal color brand for companies in several industries. Twitter, General Electric, Chevrolet, AT&T, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Allstate are just a few businesses to utilize blue for their branding.

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Do Colors Impact the Marketing of your Business

Do you consider the colors you use when marketing your business? Do you think that a green logo could improve the way customers look at you?


The color of FedEx is blue, yet its competitor UPS is brown, McDonald’s is red and yellow, while Burger King is red and orange.


How much affect does color choice have on consumers in general, and your customers in particular? Understanding the importance of correct use of colors in your business and your business’s personality is vital in creating a positive image to your prospective and current customers. The colors you use can create emotions, stimulate senses, and even initiate a need to purchase.

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Build a better business brand by choosing a color of clarity

Business is a lot like yoga. You want everyone involved to communicate with clarity, feel comfortable and at ease with each other, and able to solve problems without conflict.


Between social media, the internet, radio, or other marketing avenues, your customer may not even interact with another human unless they’ve made the decision to do business with you. How can you make the best impression of your business or yourself if they haven’t interacted with either you or your employees? This is where utilizing the personality of colors comes in. In previous articles we covered green with orange and shades of blue. Now we are going to discuss the color of communication. Entrepreneurs that use turquoise to brand their business know the value of calm communications with their customers.

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