Build a better business brand and complete your marketing with the color of clarity

Business is a lot like yoga. You want everyone involved to communicate with clarity, feel comfortable and at ease with each other, and able to solve problems without conflict.


Between social media, the internet, radio, or other marketing avenues, your customer may not even interact with another human unless they’ve made the decision to do business with you. How can you make the best impression of your business or yourself if they haven’t interacted with either you or your employees? This is where utilizing the personality of colors comes in. In previous articles we covered green with orange and shades of blue. Now we are going to discuss the color of communication. Entrepreneurs that use turquoise to brand their business know the value of calm communications with their customers.

These businesses benefit most from using turquoise:

    • Education related fields - teachers and administrators need clear communication for success
    • Media – radio, television, social media, podcast, etc. Media is a form of communication that will always need clarity.
    • Trainers – athletic coaches, business coaches, public speakers.
    • Health clinics and doctors would be wise to utilize this color because of its balancing and calming effect.
    • Turquoise is the color to brand with for any business where communication is key to success. 

What is turquoise in the world of color? If we break it down to the basics, we find the color blue splashed with yellow. Blue is the color of calm, trust and serenity, whereas yellow brings a burst of mental sunshine and brightness. The result is a cheery calm in one color. If you take a look at a color wheel, you can find this color between the blues and greens. This is great news because you have a great array of complementary colors to coordinate with it. If you were to pick an analogous color as a secondary, you could choose from any of the darker blues and greens. Some really great complimentary colors that go great are various forms of orange and a classy version of maroon. You should choose the secondary colors with as much care as you have chosen turquoise to convey as much about your business as you can.

But, as with all colors, there is a downside of overplaying turquoise. If you overuse, you lose your clarity and start leaning towards boastfulness, unreliability, and the possibility of deception. None of these are feelings that your business can afford before a prospective client ever gets a chance to talk to a human.


Let’s take a look at some of the great uses of turquoise in business. Do any of these situations come to mind with you and your business?


Turquoise promotes healing the mind and the heart. What a great color to use if your business is a rehabilitation center. You have the power to heal before you even meet your customers for the first time. Any business related to the medical field can benefit from a touch of turquoise.

Even though it is not traditionally used in the accounting field, turquoise is an ideal color because the client is likely already feeling muddled by confusing tax codes. The feeling of clarity will be a weight lifted off their shoulders.

As a business coach, I love the color turquoise. This color makes a great first impression, allowing my fellow coaches and I to instill client trust and belief that we are leading them in the right direction. When I conduct presentations, I love to use turquoise in hopes that not only is my content clear and useful, but that my audience sees it the same way. The same holds true for personal trainers, teachers, and administrators.

The last group I will talk about are the professionals of the media world, working through radio stations, television, podcasts, and social media platforms. Because each of these platforms can cover different ages, genders, and interests, turquoise is an excellent universal color for communication. Use turquoise as your base color and select secondary colors to specifying your desired target demographic.

No matter what your business, whether they find you on TV, radio, or the internet, creating a relationship with your customers is important. You need to be interpreted in exactly the manner you decide. Turquoise is a calm, communicative color that can aid you in conveying what your business has to offer potential clients. Join us next month to learn more about the world of colors and branding.

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