Branding your business with trust takes 100 shades of blue

Branding a business is like wearing the same outfit every day for years on end. It’s the visual association with your product or service. That’s quite a commitment to make for your business so it needs to be just right. Our last issue covered the power of two color personalities, orange and green. In this issue we will be discussing the merits of the color blue. Blue is an incredibly versatile color because of the range of emotions it can convey.

Color is understood in either a natural or cultural view. Green, for example, is naturally associated with plants. Green is also culturally associated with energy efficiency. Red is culturally associated with danger in the United States while in China, it’s a celebratory color. White in a Japanese culture is a funeral color, while in several European countries along with the United States, it’s a wedding color.

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 Branding your business takes 100 shades of blue

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When branding a business, you first need to know what your target demographic is. Imagine the awkwardness of branding a wedding boutique with white in Japan. Blue is a wonderful color to cross countries with because it is easy to focus on the natural view. From the sky to the ocean and everywhere in between, blue is a color everyone is familiar with. It’s this familiarity that has made blue the ideal color brand for companies in several industries. Twitter, General Electric, Chevrolet, AT&T, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Allstate are just a few businesses to utilize blue for their branding.

Psychologically speaking, blue can invoke positive meanings such as loyalty, nurturing, reliability, devotion, honesty, and serenity. These are the emotions that should be in consideration regarding the target demographic. What message do you want your brand to convey? Different shades communicate different meanings. Warm, earthy teal tones are great for understated sophistication, spirituality, and trust. Cold, turquoise hues offer meanings for clarity and harmony or self-expression. Sky blue is calming and can also stand for selfless and helpfulness. Darker blues are great to show a serious, knowledgeable, and responsible brand. Pale blue, on a different note, offers creativity, inspiration, and freedom in its meanings. Azure blue, similar to Facebook blue, inspires purpose, ambition, and determination.

So what outfit do you want your business to wear every day? A dark blue outfit probably wouldn’t work if your target is an art student needing supplies. Also, let’s face it; it’d be hard to take an accountant seriously in a powder blue outfit. Don’t be afraid to take some time to pick the perfect shade for your business.

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