branding your business with the color orange

Getting to know your business doesn’t just include what you do, who your customers are, and even what your products are. When starting your business, you need to consider your BRAND. But what is your brand? Brand defined in marketing is how people remember you, relate to you, and perceive you.

If you sit back and think about it when you start your business, the immense nature of doing this "branding" can be mind boggling. One of the goals of the team at Business Marketing Magazine is breaking this task into bite-size pieces to help you one step at a time.

When we talk about the color of our brand, we are talking about the color choices of our graphical brand, the color of our own personality, and that of our employees. Let’s not forget the color of our customers. If we know what their personality is, we can more easily promote our own business to them.

Why would we use orange in our business, and what are the circumstances in which we could benefit from this strong outstanding color?

Build a bigger business by branding with the color orangeOrange as a personality is outgoing, motivated, fun loving, and on-the-go all the time. Imagine the energy you could get from spending time with such a person. You could absorb the energy for yourself, and change your own mood to be more positive. What if you are subjected to this person for long periods of time - could you now see this person as irresponsible and controlling?

Can you see how this color can benefit someone in your staff? Say a sales person, where they can energize and possibly persuade prospective customers. The trick is getting them out of the situation before they overwhelm the customers. Most people with orange personalities take great satisfaction in helping others or at least having the perception of helping others. When training a sales person with this bright orange personality, give them the sense that their job is helping others with your products or services, and they will strive to become the best at what they do.

This can also be seen in you as a boss - do you energize or overwhelm your employees? Do you know when to walk away and let them breath, let them do what they do best? Matching up your bold employees, with an employee that is Blue (calm and trusting) or even green (natural and money minded), can make for a highly successful team. As an entrepreneur your strengths are best used when you can control your employees without ever letting them know it.

Using orange in the environment around you is a great way to have a workplace of success. Because orange is a color that stimulates creativity and the thought process, having décor around the office that has bold drops of orange can create energy and creativity in your staff. Orange also stimulates the appetite and starts conversations. This is why you see so many food establishments with orange décor. What a great way to get people to keep eating, and pull their noses out of their cell phones and tablets to actually have conversations with each other. I think it would be a great idea to create a commercial with this whole concept in mind. How much fun would that be?!

Did you think to add a splash of orange in your website? A touch of the right kind of orange can initiate the need to buy something. So why not trigger that response in your online customers? Where you don’t have a sales person to manipulate them into buying, your images, buy buttons, and contrast can do the same thing. This even works with your packaging. Remember just a splash - too much orange can be perceived as cheap and lacking in value. Complimenting it with a color of trust and clarity such as turquoise can have an overwhelming need to buy on the spot.

Why do food establishments use orange to decorate?The same rules that you use for creating packaging and the environment are also just as important in the marketing tools that you use. If you love to use the power of social media marketing, make sure you throw in some teasers that are outlined in different shades of orange, then track your success. The results may surprise you. That is one of the greatest things about social media - it is a great way to reach multiple audiences, and you can track specific results.

Things to remember with the color orange: Too much can have the complete opposite effect. You want to energize and revitalize, but don’t overwhelm. Make your website and social media a place to start a great adventure, but don’t scare them with 'lions and tigers' stalking them with too much adventure. Have some fun, and give it a try.

If you need an orange cheat sheet, download our infographic to post on your wall. What a great start to your orange décor.

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