Brand your business by branding your customers with color

This month’s theme is “Know Your Clients.” Why is this important in selling? Truthfully, you could go through your sales process with one person and they’d be perfectly comfortable, you’d make a great deal, with win-win results, but the very same process may make another person uncomfortable and they’d close off and consider you incompetent to meet their needs. ‘Personality-based selling’ has become a large avenue of sales for this very reason.

I will herein lay the basic foundation of personality-based selling for the 4 personality types, and give a few details on recognizing and tailoring your approach and process to your customer, be they Lamb, Owl, Tiger, or Bull.

You may be more familiar with the color personality divisions – White/Lamb, Blue/Owl, Yellow/Tiger, Red/Bull.


More information about Color in Business.

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Your Sales are as close as your strength and your talent

Stemming from last month’s article, “Talent vs. Tenacity” where we compared raw talent to tenacity, and tenacity won every time, this month we will clarify the difference between a talent and a strength.

By “strength” I do not mean physical power per say. I mean your singular strengths, what is genius inside you, what you have and are that nobody else has and is. Albert Einstein is attributed to have written, “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

As a reminder, last month we defined “talent” as “natural gift or endowment. Eminent abilities; superior genius; skill.”
When you know the difference between a talent and a strength, you will discover the interesting fact – tenacity WINS over talent, because your talent isn’t necessarily your strength! Let me clarify this – you can be good at something (a talent), but not enjoy it (not a strength). It is simple yet profound.

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Building business with talent or tenacity

We all have the natural tendency to hear a success story and blame it on ‘luck’. We also have the tendency to be jealous of others’ natural talents, especially when their talent exceeds our own. But when did you last take stock of those people you truly admire, who are successful in the long term, and compare their talent to their tenacity?

I submit that tenacity is worth many times what talent is worth!


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Yoda teaches control and power
Control is defined as, “the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events.”

Maintain is defined as, “cause or enable (a condition or state of affairs) to continue.”

Thus our recipe for sales success today is “Maintain Control.”

A sale is a ‘transfer of enthusiasm’ and requires many small things to take place. It requires many foundational principles to be in play. It requires many verbal and non-verbal communications to occur. I may have the KNOWLEDGE of my product or service down pat, through and through. I may have the best ATTITUDE of any member of my team, or any salesman on the planet. But until I have the SKILL to transfer that knowledge and attitude into an emotional experience received by my customer, sales will not take place. Steven Covey taught us that these 3 elements – knowledge, skill, attitude, make up a HABIT. We all want sales success to be a habit.

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They're going to sell themselves

Why the old mantra we’ve all heard, “these items are so great, they practically sell themselves?!” Is there any truth to this saying? That depends on the interpretation.

Today's interpretation: while objects don't literally “sell themselves,” the actual phenomenon this statement refers to is when buyers come to the table having already made the decision to buy. Perhaps it was the TV advertisement, the musical jingle, or their observing the desired item in use enough times by the right people…whatever it was, something pushed them over the edge, they didn’t need to “be sold,” and their mind was made up.

Who wants to see more of this in your sales? (c’mon, raise your hand high!) Me too! How can we create this phenomenon in our own sales interactions?

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All business deals, all relationship connections, all win-win transactions, are at their core selling. The clichés “We are all salesman,” and “Sales is the transfer of enthusiasm,” come to mind. How true is this? Is it really applicable across the board? I submit that it is!”

What is a sale? What does it take to sell? Or more specifically - what is the process which one must follow to create a sale? The basics are 4-fold.

For a door-to-door salesman, you could define the process in these words:

1) get inside the home,
2) build need,
3) build value,
4) close.

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