Have you ever observed the amount of time that you spend on Facebook? Notice all you do while just “hanging out…”? And how much of that time is spent on mobile devices? There are 989 million Facebook users visiting from mobile phones and tablets. This has opened up a great opportunity for businesses to create fun and interesting promotions to catch the eye of prospective clients who spend their viewing time on their phones.

In the recent past, Facebook Ads released video advertising, carousel ads, and image ads, that through a call-to-action button can link to web pages that promote products and services. Social Media is one of the top modes of marketing today, with advertising dollars being redirected to mobile marketing dramatically. Facebook is moving forward with incredible forms of advertisements, to cash in on those dollars. The most recent promotional tool available through Facebook is the “Canvas Ad”. If you haven’t tried this yet, it can be confusing and a bit intimidating. But it is completely worth the time it takes for the learning curve. To take the scare out of canvas ads, we are going to walk through them one step at a time until your business becomes a piece of art.


Let’s start with the basics of what a canvas ad is, and what makes it so important to us. Canvas ads are full-page, mobile-interactive advertisements, that act like traditional landing pages. Since they only show up on mobile devices, they reach the mobile generation. One of the little known tricks with canvas ads is the ability to not only reach a paid audience, but with a few extra steps, you can make them viewable by your organic traffic as well.

Before we start defining what we can do with canvas ads, let talk about the biggest bonus that canvas has to offer. Because everything inside of your canvas ad is actually hosted on Facebook, it is quick to load and seamless to use. No more wait times for pages to download! If you have a webpage that you want to promote there are a few things to consider. This is a mobile ad so the page that you direct your customers to MUST be responsive or mobile ready. Once you send the reader to your website, instant download times do not apply. Treat your canvas ad as a landing page, with great links to promote products and services…but once you have their attention, don’t try and overload your actual landing page with images, video, or other components that may take longer to download. Nothing is more frustrating that having a seamless interaction that turns into the download abyss.

What does the ‘art’ on our canvas do? Let’s go over each of the components of a canvas ad, so we understand what we can do with it. It might also help you to understand what standard user friendly practices you should use to get the most out of your promotion.

Promote your video on your canvas

Facebook Canvas Ads promotes video Facebook Canvas Ads host movies and more. It hasn’t been long since Facebook released video advertisements. Hosting directly on Facebook makes your videos easier to access by your social media followers. Facebook allows for two minutes of video on your canvas, but we suggest that to make the most of your customers’ experience, break this two minutes into four 30-second videos. Then surround each of those video teasers with a combination of panoramic images and canvas ads. Most visitors prefer short attention-grabbing videos that express an idea, make them giggle, and move the more interested toward a more specific web location. If you don’t catch their attention in the first 30 seconds, the chances of keeping it decreases with each additional second.

Your first video can catch attention with distinct voice-overs, but be careful, many users are viewing Facebook in places and situations that may not be suited to videos playing without their permission.

The second video could be a quick overview of a specific feature of your product/service. By the time they have reached your second video, chances are your readers have already viewed a portion of your uploaded material, from either your panoramic images or your carousel series. Consequently, putting some material into a teaser video is a great way to promote these features in a fun and interactive way.

Carousel Ad for features

Facebook for marketing - Carousel AdvertisingLet’s take a second and break down what a carousel ad is, and how we can use it to our benefit. In this section, we should discuss carousel ads not only as a part of our canvas ad, but independently. If you haven’t used a carousel ad yet, you can get a small idea how functional they can be.


Carousel ads are a series of images that run consecutively one after the other. The best part of carousel ads is that each image can have its own call to action button that links to a unique product or function. I love that fact that with one simple ad, I can promote multiple products, or one product with multiple options. This is perfect for improving your ROI, and like canvas ads, you can manipulate your carousel ads to target your organic traffic as well.

Carousel ads are limited to 5 separate images with a logo at the end. The logo isn’t optional - it’s taken from your Facebook profile. Think of it as the free promotional push at the very end, and you didn’t have to do a thing to get it there.

Panoramic still-images

Facebook Canvas Ads use Panoramic images with video and carousel adsThe last feature we will talk about for canvas is the use of still-images. Most companies use still-image ads in their current feed for both paid and organic leads. It is probably the most known form of advertising for Facebook. I love the new feature that they give to still-images in your canvas ads. (This to me is why they are called canvas ads) Instead of having a specified size that fits within your feed restraints, you can upload large images that your users can ‘float’ around, getting different effects at each new point of the image. This is referred to as a panoramic view. Your users can tilt their phones, in some cases to flow around your image (depending on the specific style phone). In other cases, your reader can just pan around your image with their finger. No matter how they view and navigate, the effects are really cool and interactive with your readers.

The last subject we need to cover is the cost of canvas ads, or any other kind of Facebook ad... There is no extra cost for any of these new ads in Facebook advertising! All of the incredible options for Facebook advertising still apply - like choosing your custom audience by geographical location, gender, interests, language, and by their Facebook usage behavior. The options are so many that we could never name them one by one. If you are new to Facebook advertising, take your time and do your research. If it is within your business capability, we suggest in that you hire a professional, like those that you would find at www.darktwin-marketing.com. They can not only create a successful ad for you, but they can base your ads off of keyword research, geographical research, and targets that fit in your user base. Get the best ROI for your ad and hire a professional. But if you feel like you are the master of your social media, just follow the steps. Facebook lays it all out for you in your ads manager.

You set your target price, specific dates, and the amount of money you want to pay. If you want to just get your feet wet, try a $50 ad for a day or two and see what kind of response you get. This might be the perfect way for you to determine what works and what doesn’t.

I wish you the best of luck with your new Facebook art piece. As always, I love to hear what kinds of things you tried, how it worked, and what you would do different. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your options at 435.554.8352

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